Fedele Chimenti

Montalto strada Fedele Chimenti was born in the 1700's in Montalto Uffugo. His father was named Pasquale. His date of birth in unknown because he was born and got married before the state civil records existed. He married Carmela Lanfre sometime before 1808. He lived in the Vaccarizzo frazione of Montalto and worked as a miller there. It is unknown at this time when Fedele died, however, he was still living in 1845 when his daughter got married and died before November, 1861 when his wife died. The original surname of this family was Chimento in the 1700's according to the Catasto records.

In the 1700's the surname of this family and all other Chimenti families was listed in the Catasto records and church records as Chimento. The name changed sometime between 1768 and 1771 based on the surname for this family in the church records of Santa Maria La Castagna.

Carmela Lanfre

Carmela Lanfre was born about 1791 in Montalto to Gaspare Lanfre and Serafina Sannuto. Her brother was Rosario Lanfre. Carmela had 9 children with her husband Fedele Chimenti and lived a long life. Carmela died in February of 1861. A copy of her death act can be viewed here.

The Children of Fedele and Carmela

Lorenzo Chimento

Researching the early families of Montalto can be very difficult and for many lines proof positive cannot be located. This is true with this line of the Chimenti family. Because Fedele and his wife lived long lives, only his parents names and the name of his paternal grandfather can be proven with documents. Several of the baptism records of Fedele's children list his father's name as Francesco. His mother's name is never mentioned. In my searches of the Catasto records and early church records I beleive I found the grandparents of Fedele, however, this is only an educated guess. I believe the grandparents of Fedele are Lorenzo Chimento and Giovanna Vivacqua. Lorenzo was listed in the Montalto catasto done in 1748 as being 50 years old. He had 4 children living with him and his wife. One of these children named Francesco was born about 1738 and is a good match for the father of Fedele. Since it is unlikely I will ever be able to prove this, I am only writing about this family as a strong possibility for the grandparents of Fedele Chimenti. The catasto record for this early family can be viewed here . I have not linked Lorenzo in my own family tree to Francesco the father of Fedele, however, I do have him in my family tree linked to Andrea Chimenti. I do have proof that Andrea was the son of Lorenzo.