Arturi Families

There were many Arturi families in Montalto but not all of them were related. Currently there are few Arturi pages on this site, however, I have plans for many more. Some are related and others are not. On each individual Arturi page, I will include links to all pages that are related to that family.

Listed below are all the webpages about people with the surname Arturi on this site.

Arturi Pages On This Site

Giovanni Arturi and Diana Lucchetta

One of the early Arturi families in Montalto was Giovanni Arturi and his wife Diana Lucchetta. Giovanni was born about 1710 in Montalto. His wife Diana was born about 1712. Her full name was Dianova Lucchetta. I have found records for this family in the catasto of Montalto and the baptism records of Santa Maria La Castagna. A list of their children that I found records for is below.